Thursday, March 18, 2010

panarottis sunday

3 words: KIDS EAT FREE
definitely a reason to go there for a family day.

malls are very family-conscious here; check out this we-like-parents cart for kids. the only curse is trying to leave them...

vovo helping dava make her pizza (you can get the dough rolled out on the platter, and the toppings on the side in little cups, then it's all on the kids from there on out)
liney just liked snitching the tomato paste
the finished product
digging in
liney insisted on staying in her "car"
as is typical, the baby was quite angry at everyone for eating, but finally satisfied with a piece of crust to munch on.


  1. Looks like fun! Pity they don't have a place like that here in Brazil.

  2. That pizza plate is so kid-user-friendly! Gabe and I really do miss South Africa. Your girls look so fun and cute. I wish we could visit there too.