Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a little off the subject...

i haven't drawn in a couple hundred million years...but sometimes i get the inpsiration, and recently i picked up the pencil again.
i have discovered that i draw much easier on notebook paper rather than plain, non-lined bond paper. --something to the effect that on notebook paper i don't feel i have to draw "nicely", whereas a nice clean sheet of white bond paper brings on the pressure that just doesn't work so well with me.
in any case, the drawings are in "chronological order" from newest to oldest...

march 27, 2010 - the kiss--colored (colored pencil on bond paper)
(i wasn't gonna post these first two, but sam liked them, and wanted me to post them...i was just scribbling one night while he was out on outreach, and the original pencil drawing is what happened, and then i made a colored version...)
march 26, 2010 - the kiss--original (pencil on notebook--if anyone can read my writing, the poem has no significance of any sort...just that every once in awhile poetry comes to mind with the picture)
march 26,
2010 - they didn't believe it (pencil on notebook)
march 23,
2010 - the bee (pencil on notebook...then i proceeded to color it)
march 23,
2010 - dance (pencil on notebook)
march 21,
2010 - scribble (pencil on on notebook--my first charicature-ish art)
january 2010 - fireflower (colored pencil on bond paper)
december 2009 - holly (pencil on bond paper)
(ps..."real" artists, don't scrutinize body positions or proportions...drawing is not on my list of what i consider my better talents...)

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