Friday, December 10, 2010


there was one night where, for some reason, she just had to hold this book, or she'd freak out...
all dressed up for nothing

had to emphasize her cutie beauty face

girlie irlies

luther and liney

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On December 8, 2010 Clown in Town participated in a Christmas Party for 10 under-privileged day care centers in the barangay (district). Almost 1000 children attended, each receiving a gift bag of fruits and kiddie Activated mags. The teachers of each center also received an Early Bird Reader set each, to be included in their school curriculum next year, giving the kids a head-start in reading. Each daycare center also participated a performance competition, for which they each received a balloon trophy and cash prize.
There were lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of giving and lots of fun.

The children
The performances
The teachers receiving Early Bird Reader sets
Children of Channel of Hope also performing for the children
Clown in Town giving out the awards
The giving
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