Sunday, August 9, 2009

the new head of the family

who's the man now?

david and goliath

once upon a time liney was called she's a big fat monster...
finding someone her own size

making friends


and so i dare to post a washed-out, tired photo of myself and the one to blame for it. but, such is the life of a mother. basically it goes something like this:

too much to do...constantly
laundry to wash and fold...endless
time for yourself...what time?
time for anything else aside from caring for your kids, or caring for something in regards to caring for your kids...close to never
glad to have kids...definitely

so all's well that ends well. now to try and get some sleep...some...

naughtiness, vanity and konker bonkers

uh-oh, i'm busted. (this is what happens when mommy's occupied with giving dava school...)

what mom? it's nothing...see?

it's okay, i'll just smile to get out of trouble. i know. i'm cute.
i'm too sexy for my shoes...

dear diary, today i completely refused to nap. held out pretty well til about 5. then i konked out. totally pooped. kaput.