Saturday, March 6, 2010


i have decided to not try and backtrack too much with pictures and yadda, yadda...but here are a few with samantha's "bumbo seat". bumbo is the name of the mr. man who invented them. they're wonderful little chairs for babies who can't sit yet. as far as samantha goes, i think it helps her feel like one of the other kids, and she can sit with them and try to play with them, etc, etc. (she is starting to get off her lazy, high-horse, i'm-premature excuse and is beginning to sit more on her own, though. --supposedly bumbo's are a big help in that arena as well.)

tell me something, those who will -- mothers in particular, would you want a bumbo seat for your baby? do you think they'd have a good market in the philippines? they're a totally different class than bouncers and strollers. anyway...they're handy little things.

interesting story: the guy who invented them, he saw them in a vision. he had just been renewed in the lord, had no money, and was desperate for the lord to speak to him. and the lord showed him a vision of the bumbo seat, and the stand that comes with it. pretty cool, huh? it has won more baby awards than any other baby product in its category. i think sm and rustan's would love it. :)


  1. are you sure they don't have those here? i've seen them before for sure... i know my sister-in-law uses it in the US but i'm almost certain i've seen it sold here...
    in other news... good seeing new posts! mwah!

  2. yeah, it's only been marketed in the states (where they're actually trying to pirate it, apparently), and other places like china and taiwan or something. it's only in 4 or 5 countries. but the philippines isn't on the list yet.
    apparently it's really popular wherever it is, they have to ship out 10,000 a day. they even have this little wagon you put the bumbo on, so you can push it around.
    sam's mom thinks we should market it in the philippines...but i think we'd have to look in to it further...or something.

  3. hey, this is awesome. how come i didnt see this post before. hobbes and landes would scoop this up in a flash. i am SUPER intersted. is it your friend that manufactures them? can you put me in contact with him? if he has some sort of licensing or sole distributer agreement or contract i would be super interested.
    you can put him in touch with me at +6329852540 or my email the activatedplus one.
    maybe we can do something where we'd both profit off the sale. you but them from him, then i buy them from you. you guys can be the exporters and i can import them here or whatever. i tried to look him up online but his site is under construction. let me know soon.
    love you guys tons. elessi is in japan now, just remembering when she was gone last time, then you went in to labor right when she got back.

    so anyways, this should be another decent income stream. let me know what your friend says.

  4. Hello,

    I was just wondering if Bumbo makes the stand that is shown in the 4th picture? Or if the product is made by someone else? I have searched for a stand to turn the bumbo into a high chair as you have done and cannot find the product listed anywhere. Thanks for your help!

  5. i am so sorry i'm only seeing this a year from when it was posted. (damn facebook!) as far as the bumbo goes, i received it from a personal friend of bumbo, and now that you mention it, i have not seen any stands in the stores, only the seats.