Friday, March 19, 2010

dava's birthday...

dava had a very extended birthday this year, i think it may have started on saturday, when provisioning came in and vovo clara saved something special for her (a chocolate egg)--that's when it all began. i also began baking prep that day (i think) which was just about the dumbest thing i ever did. any mothers want a hot tip for ruining a cake? do what i just said i did. perfect recipe for disaster! --i thought i was saving time.

sunday: making cookies for her party on monday (still not yet her "real" birthday) ...the cookie cutters were one of her birthday presents, thus the cookies. first time in my life that i ever made cookie cutter cookies.
monday: birthday breakfast out (just decided to do the major celebrations on monday, since the party would be on that day anyway)
while waiting to go to the park, a naughty little girl found the cookie jar and kept asking for cookies. i told her she could have them at the park, then she kept asking to go to the park so she could eat the cookies. i thought she looked cute carrying the cookie jar around, so i told her i'd take a picture, to which she whined, "no pictures, no pictures..." and promptly covered her face, as if in shame. later, when finally loading things into the bakkie (pronounced buckey, in "american" it means a pick-up) we found her contentedly sitting in the driveway, eating a cookie (obviously, she discovered how to open the jar). once finished, she got up and walked away, very pleased with herself, leaving the cookie jar sitting there, with no use for it anymore, since she managed to get what she wanted out of it.
at the soccer field...
i made the mistake of saying "crazy" along with the word "smile"

and there's liney trying to blow out the candle...uh, yeah...the cake's supposed to be some form of soccer ball, probably something closer to "love thy neighbor" and making a "super movie"..."fwump"
and finally, dava actually blowing it out
on wednesday, she got to eat her chocolate egg along with her breakfast of apple pie/cake which "avo grandpa" (sam's dad) made, and she got the rest of her presents (courtesy of liz and niki...they were really supposed to be christmas presents, but christmas already brought way too many presents, so we saved them for her birthday).

the end.

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