Thursday, March 4, 2010

newton's lemons...

don't mind the post title, just a little flash back that popped into my head, and since nothing else catches my fancy at this current point in time, that is what the post title shall be.

in any case...

i apologize, laides and gentlemen, for the interuption in posts and pictures. the internet and i had to have it out, and it looked for awhile as if the internet had won...but, nooo...because here am i, posting again.

sorry there aint no pictures this time...but there will be...soon...hopefully...

but, i have got me yet two more blog spots to aware-ize you to:

dava's school blog:
- this is for dava's school (no kidding) updates and such...

clown in town:
- this is our witnessing supplement blog (if for this blog only, please pray that internet's heart will be turned toward our favor, and that the keys of yieldedness, lovingness and speed will be granted it.)

and that's the news for now. we'll be back soon.

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