Sunday, September 14, 2008

of play strollers, beads and unabolished slavery

dava's new, live doll

smush gush

big sister say, "let's play beads."

little sister say, "yess masta jackson."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

flower child

daddy and bebe

family day fun

this halo-halo was courtesy of a very sweet slash cool slash doting older man who sam met (long, interesting story) who had met "david and maria" back in 72! cool, huh?

free loaders! there's this lovely little toy shop, where you can go in and play with a whole slew of different toys...and not be required to buy anything. it's very nice, upper class, and especially convenient for family days :)

like father, like daughter. so intent on playing.

little toys still attract big boys. magnets and fun.

school's cool

i was so frustrated with so much moving, and not being able to settle down, get organized, have some sort of curriculum -- even if it was just in my mind -- or plan for her. but, after proclaiming to a few people my decision to just "give-up" on scholastics with dava, i decided to try it anyway. in less than one month's time she's already writing numbers on her own, graduating to early bird readers book 2. and teaching herself things like 3 plus 2 is 5. which is surprisingly odd, cuz she still hasn't mastered 2 plus 2 is 4. or maybe she's just not telling me. kids these days.

swimming has turned her so dark. i don't mind though. foolish little girl.

she already thinks she knows enough to make short-cuts, write the way she wants, and write it fast and messy. but, unfortunately for her, she got herself a strict teacher/mother.

dava dora. it's not school. and no i didn't cut her hair so she can look like dora. i've never even seen a single episode of dora the explorer, and neither has she. but, whatever. they call her dora anyway.

the wanders

not really sure if it's wanderERS or simply, plain wanders...but in any case it was very entertaining. i felt like a child again watching those chinese acrobats jump through the hoops.
for some reason i was so sure they were korean or something, but no, they were good ol' chinese. it was supposed to be a "vegas" performance, but the bulk of the show was chinese acrobats.
not much new stuff, but entertaining nonetheless. smartest thing they did was mix in filipino talent, which really gave the show a lot of flair. i'm not biased when i say filipinos are some of the best dancers in the world. it's true.
if i could watch it again, i think i'd sit sideways and just watch the live band. that's really much more my thing. they were very, very good. i'd be mezmerized.
p.s. many thanks to "ms. teng". the benefits of being missionaries is that, because we have no money, we can get free ticketing ("everyone that asketh receiveth, and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened")! and we got very good, choice seating. praise the lord!

mommy time

sexy babes

this is a one-time wear bathing suit, and for picture taking only. cute little bathing suit was too small for the little fatty bebe. she was actually quite angry in it cuz it was too tight. she couldn't even wear it for swimming. but, it's okay, good ol' birthday suits work for little chub balls like her.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we love jollibee???

not really actually...but it's got a play place, so it's all good...
dava plays in the play place, and daddy blows up the perfect storm for a tiny little baby who can't run away from it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

of jonathan and gardening

jonathan = family fun = red overalls = rap???

dava helping to gather the weeds that "mister" pulls from the ground.

sorting the weeds.

clearing the weeds away.

these two pictures are my personal favorites...

dirty dirtiness

cousins wousins bousins

intense teach me time with dava

one on one and heart to heart

smush gushed by big sister alms balms

fat and lazy

fat and happy

oh my sleeping child...

hiding from the big bad world

Saturday, September 6, 2008

yum scrum good for tum

luther's got the munchies


new and ugly...