Tuesday, March 31, 2009

roadtrip series (feb.25-mar.10): port allen

the beautiful port of allen. still, i say, the port of maasin was even nicer, much clearer.

sea gypsies, making us envy a dive (to the immediate left were the ferries).

dava, desperately hoping to get in on the action.
on the ferry. with the sea gypsies in *the background having their summer time swimming fun.

*the background. practicing their diving skills.

the sea gypsies purpose: taking a dive off the side of the ferry to collect coins thrown to the bottom of the ocean for them by the passengers..

roadtrip series (feb.25-mar.10): when jollibee saves the day

calbayog was officially the province that gave us our hardest test as crazy-faith missionaries. but, jollibee saved the day! at high-noon it was the choice spot for taking shade and air-con shelter, as well as a rest and play-place for the kids (well, rest for the baby...just plain play for dava). it also was able to bag the winning title of sponsor for my birthday dinner. hurrah!

birthday dinner

with maam sheryl

roadtrip series (feb.25-mar.10): liney's sleepy time story

hello, i'm the halfbreed who went up the hill and came down with all the naughtiness, leaving of course the inhabitants of the hill with no naughtiness, and therefore bestowing the term naughty upon myself.

once upon a time, when i couldn't find a pillow, i climbed up on my big sister who was sleeping next to me, and felt very proud of myself for my accomplishment.

we were sleeping so nice and soundly, so comfy cozy.

we were, that is, until i woke up...

oh yes! something tells me it's playtime!

c'mon, sleepyhead! play!

and then my mommy took me away! why? what did i do wrong? i guess i'll just have to try again tomorrow...
the end.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dava's 4th birthday

smiling her life away...

lighting her four cool color-flame candles (unfortunately you can't see the color too well in the pictures)

she wanted a dolphin and a shark. but a pink fishy did just fine by her. the boys were glad for blue-green bubbles and water.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the long and short of it...

i meant to do this for sam's birthday, but only got around to actually doing it on mine.

i have chopped my locks again.

the excuse i tell myself is my hair is still falling out (lord love nursing), and my bangs are vainly trying to hide the fact that they're actually growing hair (from all my hair that previously fell out...again: lord love nursing). the real reason: my husband. because i love fulfilling his wishes, one of them being that i cut my hair again. --and so i have.

so on my birthday i want to say thank you.

thank you sam for loving me, and in loving me, making me fall so deeply and madly in love with you.

thank you for being the one that i'll live the rest of my life with, and for making me realize that that's okay...better than okay...it's wonderful! (those who know the me i used to be, understand what i mean.)

on my 25th birthday i will officially tell the world that (a couple years ago) i officially said goodbye to "independent woman", and am unquestionably now dependent and loving it.

thank you sam, for being with me on this long, drawn out birthday, that started on the road (march 3rd, my "actual" birthday), "knocking and looking and knocking and looking" like mary and joseph for a place to stay (please not a stable!); slowly making its wending way through visayas and back to luzon, experiencing the virgin beauties of these paradise islands (do not judge the philippines by manila! shame on manila! northern samar, here we come!); finally having my "surprise" birthday party once we got back home, with a surprisingly good turn out (thank you everyone who came, forgive my unsocial nature, and going to bed even before it ended: pregnancy, you know); and then finally ending yesterday traipsing around makati, having lunch out (thank you cyma --and sean and suzi), hitting the theater, and then giving me a wonderful surprise ending of the day, making me fall in love with you only more and more.

i love you my love. i couldn't have asked for anyone better. i love you.

ps...more on our road trip coming...soon? i'll let you know.