Friday, January 8, 2010

new year 2010

new year was very long...
on the 31st we had a nice family dinner at home, by the pool. then went to another home for an overnighter new year's party. guess who i saw? guess? chon-chon! yay! heheh...
didn't take much pictures. little naughty fatty stayed awake til 1 am, we went to sleep at 4 or 5 am, and little naught fatty decided to stubbornly still wake up at 7:30. then there was a braai and a volley ball game. and we finally got back home in the evening.
it was a little nice and a little odd not having 3 kids for a whole day...but that was definitely a first kinda new year's...

the last moon of 2009
setting up our "room"
new year's parties are NOT the time to take pretty pictures
like trying to prove that saying "cheeese" really can work
or just trying to prove the "no pretty pictures" point
cinderella's missing shoe
good morning 2010
we are very tired
and she is very pleased with herself


  1. Ana, so you 've met Steve & Phil! Were they good boys? :P Miss you Ana! Love, Jessica xxx

  2. yes, "stephie's boyfriend" was one of my rare round-about attachments to people i know in south africa. cept, of course, i only know him cuz he's "stephie's boyfriend". i think there was only one other person i actually knew, and another person who was in the philippines for awhile that i never got to meet, and was surprised to find them in south africa. small world. but i heard steph's coming back in feb...hoping to see her then. :)