Sunday, January 3, 2010

december 27

another braai at a friend's place...huge stuff

dava's crazy hair, after i took out her braids.braai
samantha loves action songs
tons of flowers for dava to pick
tons of space for dava to play
and for her and arwen to run around like freaks
aileen's got some skill with the drums, i have know the story... (this was the day we did our "performance"...just a few christmas songs, was taken with laughter for one whole stanza of one of the songs, the consequence of an almost impromptu performance...well, we sorta practice kinda like-a for maybe a week, or less...)
since i take all the photos (never of me) sometimes i feel the need to appear on the blog
bikes and quads and helmets and bumpy courses to ride on (took some videos...but unfortunately, they won't be uploaded any time soon) just some nice scenic views of the property

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  1. I loved the pic of you with the flower in your hair! You look soooo pretty!