Sunday, January 3, 2010

december 28

at the zoo

these lazy bumbum kids got these little push cars, so they didn't have to walk. the zoo was quite hugenormous though...but they're still lazy bums.
checking out the cable cars, which unfortunately we didn't get to ride, cuz soccer was of the essence...
have a break, have a kitkat...or an icecream...

- various animals -

aileen overjoyed to see the horses
i thought it was very interesting that the ostriches and the horses were kept together
that's a long-haired monkey in the back. looked like a pharisee with his black and white coat.

- habitats -

check this out, these are the lions and tigers "cages". such cool fortresses. there are about five of these tower/fortress like things, and the wall is the great barrier for the different "gentle giants" as they called them
couldn't see the bear (hiding in his cave) but his habitat was definitely picture worthy
- wild cats -

those are tigers in the background. sucks when your zoom is broken. god bless my camera.

- reptiles and water creatures

checking out some lizards jabba the hut
for my mom's sake, i decided not to post any very obvious pictures of snakes. but this is all them checking out a nice big one.
checking out the shark

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