Friday, December 11, 2009

when change decides to come around and do his thing, he makes sure he overturns everything...including my christmas decorating...

so, in my whole entire christmas decorating career, this christmas is the first time i've ever:

- used tinsel (those who know me, know just how ma-jor-ly life changing that is)

- NOT decked the tree out with lights, putting lights on every single branch (in fact i only used TWO whole entire strings of lights, one of those strings happening to have half its lights not working...AND...they're COLORED lights!)

- not known before hand how i was gonna decorate, or what i was gonna decorate with

- not lined a door, entrance, pillar, or bar with wreaths, lights and decor

- finished decorating in one morning

- hung a wreath that i did not make myself

- used only one box of decorations (yeah, not a huge box, a regular size, aurora box)

- not had to use a ladder, chair, or other means of elevation for decorating the tree :)

so, here's to christmas around the world:

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