Monday, December 21, 2009

a place called dros...

as in "holy ghost fire cannot be bound it just burns out the dross..."

anyhoo...this is our first night out in south africa, and our first night ever without a-n-y babies or kids since the birth of that little skinny-turned-fat one...
remember that guy from hi5, waaay back when, the ring dude "one ring to rule all"...yeah? well, that's him. turns out he's sam's little childhood foolishness buddy from portugal, way, waaay-er back when...
uh, yeah...he's wearing his ring on the wrong finger. and in the other picture, that's meli, one of sam's many younger sisters
and these are just food pictures:
of course, there must always be soccer...
thanks for watching. good night.


  1. Is that JM? I lived with his brother Josh a couple of years ago. The food looks good :)

  2. yeah, that's jm. small world, huh? :)

  3. Ah ha, the ring dude! Jehud something or other... small world. P.S. You look greats Anna!