Thursday, July 9, 2009

pumpkin pie: served hot and early

This is a short little post to say just that: pumpkie pie has come early.

A longer, more detailed story could possibly show up at a later date. But, suffice it to say that Samantha Mira (short for miracle...but I wasn't too keen on naming my baby "Miracle") was born at 3:11pm, July, 8, 2009. Delivered in good condition, weighing in at 1.8 kgs.

For being an impatient little pumpkin pie, born after only 7 months of cooking time, she's doing very well. Her vital signs are stable, she got strong little lungs to support her powerful little cry; has a good appetite; her organs and mechanisms all seem to be in good shape; and after 24 hours of observation, she seems capable of sustaining herself (meaning no need for extra oxygen support, incubator, etc.)
She is staying in the hospital though because an x-ray showed spots on her lungs, I didn't really understand the word used by the pediatrician, but basically it's a form of pneumonia. Still, the pediatrician says that despite that, the baby is still doing good, but she wants to give her antibiotics to clear away the spots, and she'll keep observing her for another 3 days, after which she'll do another x-ray to see if the spots cleared up. So, please pray with us that the spots will clear up completely; that there'll be no other complications; that the baby's body will react positively to the medication and there'll be no side effects at all; that she'll continue to have a good appetite; and that my milk will come in strong.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. She's already a little miracle, and what the Lord has begun, I know He will perfect to the end. No question about it.

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