Tuesday, February 1, 2011

vacation baby

 boarding our banka boat
 my mom's hair catching the breeze
 at the dock
180 sweep of home sweet home
 the most fought over chair
 how do you explain to kids that it's not the same as a park swing?
 view from our room
 pretending to be sleeping
the little disturbers with papa
 sam's one true love...
 and checkin out his other true love :) (it is so nice to be un-pregnant whilst on vacation!)
 beach booty
 found this cute little lonely croc on an abadoned beach we were hankering after cuz it looked so very beautiful, but we were told we weren't allowed to go cuz of strong currents, but sam and i (with liney) kayaked there anyway, and it was definitely worth it...though a little scary on the way out (they weren't kidding about those currents)
 tried to convince a "real" boatman to take us to the aforementioned beach the next day, but white peaks were strongly abundant...so, he took us here instead...
 found us a cave to bunker down in, store our stuff, have our lunch, get some shade...this is out looking in...
 and in looking out...
manta found her own little cave to play in and eat coral and whatever else the tide washed in

chip monsters
 prettiest little beach girl ever...
 found this little nook in the rock face that we used as our minibar (on a side note i found a good handful of these pretty little blue starfish washed up on the beach, but unfortunately the beach stole them back from me, and i went home very sadly empty handed)
 the whole kit and kaboodle of red-eyed, tom-and-jerry-glued grandkids with my mom and dad (minus lani)...