Sunday, November 29, 2009

pretoria, south africa

i was able to catch the sun rising, thanks to the little fat baby who woke up at four in the morning.
hoping, hoping, hoping she'll go back to sleep...
it's a beautiful place where we stay...very much my style of a house...
the area is very nice, the weather is sunny and hot, with cool air (like summer time in baguio)
the land is incredibly vast. no longer the island i'm used to living on.
and the next few pictures are of the kid's room. i was very pleasantly surprised to find a perfect little kid's room set up that opens up to a small terrace right in front of the garden.
and these are some pictures for my dad...i know he'd love all these plants and flowers.
the crops are alan's little prizes...

and these are a few little sneaky plants that found their way to the roof...

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  1. Beautiful place with a lovely set-up. Hope you guys settle in just fine :).