Wednesday, October 28, 2009

numero uno grumpy-o monkey-o

i have officially joined the grumpy monkey club.
S-O-M-E-O-N-E got my laptop all virused out, and the sweet dear men at the shop who said they'd "diagnose it" and call us before they did anything to it, DIDN'T call us, and went ahead and did what they did, and now i've lost the pictures of my grumpy monkeys!
surprisingly, i'm really not ALL that beat up about it, though it does suck like a sucking sucker.

and so i'm deciding to play the glad game:
- at least i didn't lost ALL my files
- at least it's only a few months of their lives in picture (even though a few months is samanatha's WHOLE life)
- at least i'm not entirely moaning and groaning
- at least i've lost so many files in my computer life, that i know that to lose more files is not the end of the world
- at least i have my blog which holds the basics since the birth of aileen, which is a longer stretch than that of the pictures i lost
- at least i just lost pictures, at most i didn't lose my kids and they still have their whole rumbunctious loves to still live out and continue taking pictures of.
ptl? tyj? amen? hal?

another thing i'm grumpy about (kind of a late reaction, or at least a late posting regarding the subject) is that for some reason blogger decided to muck up all the text on my previous posts, so picture captions have lost their picture partners, and picky me hates seeing that. but, ptl...on the bright side, it has change-journeyed my style of posting.
i'm sure you've noticed.

so all's well that end's well.
god bless shakespeare. god bless me. god bless us everyone.

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