Monday, September 28, 2009

our polarized world...

all we knew (or didn't know) of tropical storm ketsana was that it rained non-stop all night, and the next morning it was still raining. the perfect kinda weather to stay in bed and sleep all day. but then it kept on raining, and the waters started rising. some of our people went out early in the day...and only later did we realize it probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world.
i don't think anyone realized it was a "tropical storm" was a normal rain, just very steady and very long. there were no incredible gusts of winds, or any other "storm" signs. to put it quite simply: it's rainy season.
obviously, we weren't the only ones who were caught unawares...
i was browsing through the category of pictures on yahoo that held the pictures of the storm here...after about 75 of these and others much like it...

the next picture was suddenly this...

it was so unexpected, and a shockingly extreme opposite. people suffering from too much water...people suffering from none.
but, as shocking or extreme as it may be, unfortunately, it is not uncommon in this world of ours. people suffering of obesity, others dying of malnutrition and starvati
on. floods here, fires there. extreme cold in one place, heat waves in another. sickness this, sickness that. problem this, problem that.
i haven't written in a long time. and now i find that words fail me. and so i turn one who's words never fail, and who's always there...

"You Can Rely on Me!"

Don't you wish you had the assurance that, even if you ended up in a risky situation, you'd know that no harm would come to you? Does that kind of peace of mind sound unreal? Or unlikely on this planet? Well, I have news for you: such protection and such peace do exist, even in this plagued and troubled world.

You can find safety and serenity [in the midst of anything], when the proverbial winds of fear blow about you and the currents of worry threaten to sweep you away. That's because I, Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, am the author of true peace. You can rely on Me in the middle of any storm, any disaster, any tragedy, and any disease that threatens to harm you or those you love.

I came to Earth over 2,000 years ago on a mission to give people peace and faith, and I am offering you the same now. I watch over you as a parent would a beloved child, for I am concerned about every detail of your life. I am here for you even in the midst of virulent sickness. I want to give you faith and strength, comfort and reassurance. I also wish to help you be a calming influence on others.

However, I require your trust, and I need you to rely on Me. I also need your prayers, because they activate My ability to keep you and My power to heal you if you're sick. Your prayers are powerful because they connect you with My realm—the realm of miracles where anything is possible. They enable Me to place a force field of protection around you and your loved ones.

Wonderful and supernatural peace, as well as supernatural protection, can be found by calling out to Me. You can pray something like this:

Jesus, I need peace of mind and heart. I need calm and trust in spite of what's happening around me. I need stability. Please keep and protect me and those who I care about. Please enter my heart, my spirit, and my life and fill me with calm, trust, and peace. I need faith to make it safely through this epidemic no matter what's going on around me or inside me. Jesus, I also ask You to become part of me and my life from now on, so that Your spirit can live within me and help me to grow in love and faith.

If you pray sincerely to Me, either with the words above or with your own words that fit your particular situation, I will give you peace of heart and mind. My love will surround, keep, and care for you in natural and supernatural ways.

I will not only keep you through this present situation, but I will also help you to safely navigate through the entire journey of life, and all the experiences and tests and personal growth ahead of you while you're on Earth. I will take you by the hand and lead you in the ways of truth. I will answer your questions and provide help with your problems. My love will ensure that you have a blessed passage through life—through all of its ups and downs and twists and turns—until you eventually join Me to live forever in My heavenly realm of eternal peace and love and happiness. All of this and more is yours. Please take it!

Always here for you,

copyright 2009 by the family international

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  1. Hi sam and anna and kidds. It's always very refreshing to receive news from you, and much more so this time, ha. Very happy that you are all well and that this yet another catastrophe didn't bother you so much. TYJ! Dad