Tuesday, March 31, 2009

roadtrip series (feb.25-mar.10): liney's sleepy time story

hello, i'm the halfbreed who went up the hill and came down with all the naughtiness, leaving of course the inhabitants of the hill with no naughtiness, and therefore bestowing the term naughty upon myself.

once upon a time, when i couldn't find a pillow, i climbed up on my big sister who was sleeping next to me, and felt very proud of myself for my accomplishment.

we were sleeping so nice and soundly, so comfy cozy.

we were, that is, until i woke up...

oh yes! something tells me it's playtime!

c'mon, sleepyhead! play!

and then my mommy took me away! why? what did i do wrong? i guess i'll just have to try again tomorrow...
the end.

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