Sunday, August 17, 2008

the jet set is all wet

or not really (i don't actually even really know how that song goes actually kinda like you know really...whatever).
anyway...this was liney's first rainy adventure:
one afternoon when we were at the park, but started home earlier than planned because dava needed to do some business in the bathroom. and all in good timing, because it started raining. and it wasn't just any rain. it was chubby rain!
i forgot to bring a cover for the stroller. so mommy got wet, dava got wet and baby got wet. unfortunately, dava ditched her clothes as soon (and i mean, AS SOON) as we got to the door. so, i wasn't able to get a picture of all three of us.

speaking of adventures. this little one started early, much earlier than her older sister. her first bus and jeepney ride was when she was two months old...aaaaall the way up to antipolo. dava's first jeepney and trike ride was on her first birthday --and that was just from the house to shopwise to the house (in antipolo). the trike ride was courtesy of none other than chok (i have no idea how you spell his name), lord love him. liney got baby measles at 2 months. dava got it at 10. liney's already baby talking to herself (and the walls, and her hands, and the air, and the bed posts, and the bamboo chime, and dangly toys that never talk back to her). lord help her if she exceeds dava in her wild craziness! :)

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